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OpisThe company „Jelsingrad“ was founded in 1937. and during its existence, it specialized in the production of machine tools for metal forming, and to this day has been recognized in this domain, especially in the production of hydraulic presses for sheet metal bending, hydraulic shears and eccentric presses. The name "Jelsingrad" covers more than seventy years of successful and distinguished work in the field of metal industry, which is characterized by the exceptional quality of its products and a large number of satisfied customers, gaining therefore the trust and reputation at the market. The company now operates under the name "Novi Jelsingrad" JSC Banja Luka as a single-member joint stock company, with 100% ownership by the construction company Krajina JSC Banja Luka ( and employs professionals from various fields providing top quality products and the highest standards of corporate management, raising environmental and social responsibility as a priority
Vrsta organizacije Kompanija
ZemljaBosna i Hercegovina
GradBanja Luka, Branka Perduva 10 A Google map
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Sektor za obradu metala


    New machine tools and maintenance, metal working and assembling

    New machine tools: we are producing next machines:Hydraulic shears; Hydraulic press brakes (and tools); Eccentric presses; Hydraulic shears for cutting and punching; Billets shears; Hydraulic presses; Automatic Eccentric presses; Custom made machines;
    MACHINES MAINTENANCE: in warranty period and after - we have all necessary spare parts
    METAL WORKING AND ASSEMBLING: steel plates cutting, bending, welding, machining, painting - constructions up to 60 tons

    Ključne reči: machine toolspressespress brakesmachiningweldingbending
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