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„Kaldera Company" d.o.o. was founded in 1991 by private capital of Milenko Cicic, the owner and sole founder, and has been operating successfully since as a production and service company in the electric power and telecommunication sectors, while preserving natural resources and preventing pollution. 

Commitment to quality, full satisfaction of buyers and end users of products and services, permanent development of new technologies and improvement of the existing products, as well as to the general goal to be among the leading manufacturers in the territory of the Balkans in terms of product and service quality is supported also by the fact that Kaldera Company holds certificates ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 and 3834 (welding technology). This commitment is substantiated also by the fact that the world-renowned manufacturer SIEMENS had recognized the potentials of Kaldera Company and signed a manufacturing license agreement for the entire product range of the primary and secondary medium voltage switchgear types 8DJH, SIMOSEC and NXPLUS in June 2011. By signing this agreement, Kaldera Company became the THIRD licensed manufacturer of SIEMENS in the world. In addition to the cooperation with Siemens, Kaldera can also boast successful cooperation with company ABB which has resulted in completion of a series of large joint projects.

Besides, during 2012, Kaldera Company has managed to start and expand the placement of both its existing and new products, developed specially upon buyer request, to the territory of the German market, mainly for the needs of the automotive industry, but also for the production of modern machine tools, and activities are already underway on the placement of its products in other countries of Europe and in Russia. Today, Kaldera Company employs about 150 workers of the average age of 35. The team work of the many highly qualified staff has resulted in abundant and innovative solutions adjusted to buyer requests. We can freely say that today very few companies can offer that many quality solutions in one place, in view of the fact that the manufacturing plant is equipped with the most recent CNC technology.

In its commitment to constantly improve the process of creation of modern products, Kaldera Company uses licensed EPLAN software in order to ensure consistency of project data throughout project areas and phases and enable seamless engineering integration into the overall production process.For the needs of development and design, the engineering team uses Solid Edge and Solid-Works 3D modelling, which enables avoidance of errors in making and installation, so technology revolution has resulted in development of a varied and modern production program.

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    LV, HV equipment and mechanical productions

    LV switchgears, MV switchgears, Constructions for HV and LV Overhead Lines, Automation Cubicles, Cabinets, Cable Cabinets

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