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OpisCompany has established in 2013. Overall objective of the company is to ensure high-quality and favorable bakery products, produced on the base of automated and high-level efficient producing technology which ensures high-quality level products available for everyone. The main activities of company are producing and distribution of bakery products. The company employs over the 100 workers.
Vrsta organizacije Kompanija
ZemljaBosna i Hercegovina
GradEast Sarajevo, Spasovdanska 30 Google map
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    Bakery and confectionery materials, tools and equipment

    We are interested for establish of cooperation with companies for the purpose of exchange experience, transfer of knowledge, best practices and technologies in the field of bakery and confectionery materials, tools and equipment. Beside above maintained, we are also interested for establishing cooperation with companies whose primary activity is producing and selling of raw materials for bakery and confectionery such as additives, mixtures, supplements, creams, spices, etc. If we establish connection with any requested company, we will try to establish long-term business cooperation which will be useful for both sides (companies).

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