Veljko Golijanin

general manager
Majnex doo

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  • Petak 12:00 - 15:00
OpisCompany with big experience in construction works with production facilities for concrete works materials. Since 2011 also involved in tourismas a holder of the biggest ropeway project in Bosnia named "Jahorina Express"
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ZemljaBosna i Hercegovina
GradPale, Mladena Todorovica 9 Google map
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Sektor drvne i gradjevinske industrije

    Sektor turizma


      Business material and services and winter tourism services

      Our company offers a wide range of construction products such as: sand, beams, concrete blocks, concrete accessories etc. Production capacities are located in two locations in the municipalities of Palama and Foca. In addition, we have significant construction machinery for the execution of works in the construction industry.
      In the tourism sector, we offer the services of a Ski resort Ravna Planina such as: skiing, catering services, organization of celebrations, seminars, business meetings, etc.

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