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Opis[RADIONICA KRUG] 17 years of successful business in applied ICT development and consulting in agriculture, tourism, security issues, accreditation, culture and efficient economy. The professional skills are expressed through sustainable communication between groups, defining optimal business processes, planning and realisation of advanced IT solutions. Radionica KRUG is one of the few Serbian companies certified for ISO standard 27001 / Information security management systems. Also, Radionica KRUG CEO, Aleksandra Glišović Cerovina is certified Lead Auditor for same standard.                      
The company is located in Zlatibor (western Serbia) with company branches in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

* ICT Consulting and management * Web portal design and development * Maintenance * Testing * Monitoring * Development of economically viable collaborative web solutions * Writing technical and functional specification (SoW, work plan, technical reports...) * CMS sites with online databases * Dynamic communications * Trainings * E-learning * Open source project support * Implementation of useful and sustainable projects with high level user satisfaction * Extensive experience in work with private clients – companies, associations and cooperatives, as well as with local and governmental institutions * 
Vrsta organizacije Konsultant, Udruženja, Kompanija
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Godina osnivanja2000
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