Azra Kulović

Project team leader
"EYOF 2019" Ltd

Bilateral Meetings

  • Friday 12:00 - 15:00

The EYOF (European Youth Olympic Festival) is the largest sports festival for young athletes between 14 and 18 years. The organization of the winter and summer festival is organized every two years. EYOF is part of the European Olympic Committee that has exclusive rights to the event as the International Olympic Committee. The EYOF has all the characteristics of the Olympic Charter, which includes Olympic flames, oaths and flags. The host of the EYOF 2019 Winter Youth Festival are the cities of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, which founded the limited liability company "EYOF 2019 Ltd".The EYOF 2019 currently has 12 permanent employees, and the Executive Committee consists of 17 sector (including their managers and assistants).

EYOF 2019 includes 8 sports:

Alpine skiing (will be held at Jahorina with slalom and giant slalom, and in Bjelasnica with parallel slalom discipline).                                                                                                    Biathlon (Dvorista-Pale)                                                                                                          Nordic skiing (Igman)                                                                                                      Snowboard (Bjelasnica)                                                                                                                 Figure Skating (Zetra-Sarajevo)                                                                                               Short track (East Novo Sarajevo)                                                                                                 Ice Hockey (Zetra-Sarajevo)                                                                                                   Carling (Pale)


BEYOF 2019 is financed directly from the public sector budget (the Ministry, the Canton Government of Sarajevo, the Council of Ministers, the Republika Srpska Government and the budgets of the two cities: Sarajevo and East Sarajevo).

These budgets are a clear indication to the European Olympic Committee that our state, or the line ministries of sport, make evident efforts to close the financial structure of the Project and are very close to it.


EYOF 2019 was a partner in organizing events such as:

Olympic Day-EYOF 2019 was promoted on the Olympic Day organized by the Olympic Committee of BiH and the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education. Support to the EYOF 2019 was also given to the Olympians of BiH, Amel Mekić, Marko Rudić Alpine Skiing, Tanja Karišik Biathlon and Elvedin Muzaferija Alpine Skiing.

 The EYOF 2019 delegation attended the EYOF 2017 Observer Program in Gyor (July 22-30), Hungary, in order to transfer all the acquired experiences to the organization of the Winter European Youth Olympic Games in 2019, with the aim of improving the household of the 14th EYOF winter, hosted by 2019 Sarajevo and East Sarajevo

 The manifestation "EYOF Sports 2019" was held at Trg djece Sarajeva in front of the BBI Center, which was also part of the marketing campaign "Road to Eyof 2019" and it must be noted that the attendance of this event was very high.

The manifestation "Days of sport and culture" from 17th-19th July 2017 organized by the Center for the Promotion of Culture and Education "Litteratus" and EYOF 2019 at the Safet Zajko Center for Education, Sports and Recreation.

During the month of February, the delegation of six member "EYOF 2019" d.o.o attended the observation mission in Erzurum (Turkey) at EYOF in 2017. In Erzurum, in 2017, the next games in 201 EYOF were attended by delegations from the cities of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo.


Test competitions were held in four sports and five disciplines, in total four combatants:

Alpine Skiing (slalom and giant slalom) -Jahorina
Alpine Skiing (team paralel slalom) - Bjelasnica
Biathlon- Pale
Ice Hockey -Olympic hall Zetra (two tournaments)


EYOF 2019 has concluded a series of agreements with media partners:

  • Srna
  • Bhtv
  • Klix
  • Fena

What needs to be especially emphasized is the cooperation agreement between the University of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo. This is the first time after more than two decadesthese two universities officially cooperate. Also signing an agreement with the NGO NETWORKS.



By the end of the year, a number of activities are expected, among which are distinguished:

Creation of sponsorship packages and negotiations with potential sponsors,
Investments in  venues,
Preparation of test competitions and other activities

In November, a visit of the European Coordination Commission (COCOM) will take place, during which the analysis of the activities carried out from the previous visit and the adopted plans for 2018 will be carried out.

Organization Type Company
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Tourism sector

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    Promotion, visibility, partnership / Sponsorship, Equipment for venues, Experts

    EYOF is the biggest multi-event for youth and the biggest sports event that will be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina after Winter Olympic Games 1984. It is the great opportunity for companies to support this event and to promote themselves on such a big European festival. We are offering promotion, full visibility and partnership in our projects during preparation period and on competitions and venues. It would be great if we could get support in equipment for venues, experts and sponsorship. This would help us to prepare this Festival on the best possible way.

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