Darko Serec

EVOM - Zavod T.I.M.
DescriptionSlovenian company offers services of entering into the Slovenian, Austrian and Croatian market and the entire Adria region. We organize business meetings (B2B) with potential clients or companies and we are doing the acquisition of new customers for you in the listed markets. We will support you also in Regional Negotiations, Market Research, Marketing, etc. and provide you unique opportunities for offering your quality services and products.
Organization Type Consultant, Other, Company
CityMurska Sobota, Poljska 12 Google map
Areas of Activities

Agriculture sector

    Sector of metal processing industry

      Sector of timber and building industry

        Textile sector

          Sector of the automotive industry

            IT sector

              Industrial sector of plastics and plastic products

                Offer & Request

                Cooperation in international projects

                We are interested in cooperation in all kinds of projects concerning the internationalisation and clustering activities.

                Cooperation Offered
                1. Other
                Cooperation Requested
                1. Other

                Market entry services

                We offer services of entering into the Slovenian and Austrian market and other German/English speaking markets and the entire Adria region.