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DescriptionDOGAMA DOO was founded 31.08.2005. as a single-member limited liability company, and it came to be from the experience and the capital of the same founder of PREDUZETNIČKA RADNJA DOGAMA founded in 1997. The primary activities of the company were commerce and primary recycling. In 2014, we developed the processing technology of raw materials. That technology led to development of the final product, or the repro materials for further processing. In 2015, we mastered the technology, and started the production of okiten pipes, and plastic for further mechanical processing, all from recycled materials. Throughout the years, we strived towards closing the circle of production. To be able to make a semi-product out of waste materials, and then process it to repro material product stage, and finally to the final product stage. At the beginning of 2016, we began the research in field of recycled materials application. At the end of 2016, main part of the research was finalised, which resulted with registration of the patent number P-2016/1167. The number of employees varied from 10 to 20 employees, in accordance to the current requirements of the company. Currently, the company employs 11 people, two of which are people with disability.
Organization Type Company
CityZrenjanin, Čarnojevićeva 29 Google map
Areas of Activities

Agriculture sector

    Sector of timber and building industry

      Industrial sector of plastics and plastic products

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        PRODUCT DESCRIPTION- ECO-POST consists of an innovative thick-walled profile filled with the ingenious new material- a mixture of recycled and binding materials.
        The thick-walled profile is consisted of several different recycled types of plastic mixture, both "clean" plastic components (PELD, PELLD, PEHD, PP, PVC etc.) and composite plastic components in certain distribution chosen on the basis of their characteristics which give the product exceptional properties: Firmness, elasticity, toughness, UV stability, non-flammability, resistance to external influences etc.
        Innovative filling technology and the innovative material-product offer several solutions.